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Pablo Yarnscobar is what Goldie the Postie calls the Countess. He refuses to believe that the hundreds of parcels we send out each week at Countess Ablaze contain nothing more than yarn. This is how Yarn Cartel was born. Yarn Cartel is a bi-monthly subscription club by Countess Ablaze, with colours so good you won't want to hide them.

Box 17 -  The Six Senses 

Are you prepared to join a yarn club with personality? This yarn-mafia boss is looking for yarn mules to smuggle important packages every other month. Depending upon your personal risk factor, you'll receive either one or two skeins of hand-dyed yarn by the gangsters at Countess Ablaze. You'll get a newspaper to hide behind to talk about Yarn Cartel to potential Yarn Mules. You'll also get pretend contraband on the assumption that you scratch my back, therefore, I'll scratch yours. Sign accomplices up to Yarn Cartel to receive free boxes for yourself.


What are the box themes for 2021?


"Everything is going smoothly, there are no problems."


Box 13 - sent by January 25th 2021 - Prism (controversy on this one as to whether the prism rainbow is 6 or 7 colours so we'll have fun exploring this one)  // 

Box 14 - sent by March 25th 2021 - Six Sides of a Die (board games inspired) // 

Box 15 - sent by May 25th 2021 - The Sixth Sense (intuition) // 

Box 16 - sent by July 25th 2021 - The Babylonian Unit of Measurement (mathematical inspired) // 

Box 17 - sent by September 25th 2021 - The Six Senses (body inspired) // 

Box 18 - sent by November 25th 2021 - Six Strings of a Guitar (music inspired) //


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My name is Countess Ablaze and our postie calls me Pablo Yarnscobar because he refused to believe that our sackfuls of post were just yarn.

I'm a yarn dyer in Manchester, UK with a unique city centre studio.

I'm the ringmaster of my team affectionately known as Blazin'Squad.

I'm the founder of Tits Out Collective which raised a serious fkn tonne of money for charity in July 2018.

I'm the dyer behind The Classics Society, our subscription box of 2016-18 that ended with hundreds of subscribers because I wanted to go out on a high.

I'm the proud mother of a teenage feminist.

I'm a rebel. I'm a thinker. More importantly, I'm a doer.

With Yarn Cartel, we want you to enjoy the yarn we dye for you. We want you to use it, to show it off, to love it. You don't need to hide it.

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