How Yarn Cartel Works

When you sign up for Yarn Cartel, we'll send you a box of subversiveness. Yarn, a broadsheet newspaper, gifts. You're signing up for recurring payments which you can control by logging into your account.

Step 1

Choose a size

Step 2

Choose a frequency

Step 3

Get a package!

Are you prepared to join a yarn club with personality? 

This mafiosa boss is looking for yarn mules to smuggle important packages every other month. 

Depending upon your personal risk factor, you'll receive either one or two skeins of hand dyed yarn by the gangsters at Countess Ablaze. 

You'll get a broadsheet newspaper to hide behind to talk about Yarn Cartel to potential Yarn Mules. 

You'll also get pretend contraband on the assumption that you scratch my back therefore I'll scratch yours. 

Sign accomplices up to Yarn Cartel to receive free boxes for yourself.

What are the box themes for 2020?

Box 7 - sent by January 25th 2020 - Smart Drugs  // 

Box 8 - sent by March 25th 2020 - Chillin' in Amsterdam // 

Box 9 - sent by May 25th 2020 - Laughing Gas // 

Box 10 - sent by July 25th 2020 - Little Blue Pills // 

Box 11 - sent by September 25th 2020 - 90s Raves // 

Box 12 - sent by November 25th 2020 - Sports Performance Drugs //

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